John Scott Martin

Gaffers and Gulls

Gaffers, traditional fore and aft working ships and boats. Coastal traders, sailing barges, fishing vessels and pilot cutters. Gaff rigged they can display the greatest area of sail upon the least number of spars.

And gulls, artists have often included seabirds in their marine paintings where no other life form is evident. They can be added to a composition to enhance movement and give focal highlights.

If you would like to know at which which gallery a picture can be seen - please contact me.

Measurements shown are in centimetres and represent the total picture area including frame.

  • Stormy day at Fowey
    40 x 40 cms

  • Pinmill Barge Match
    56 x 43 cms

  • Afternoon on the Blackwater
    56 x 56 cms

  • Atlantic Sunset Sailing towards Brittany
    Acrylic on Canvas
    90 x 65 cms

  • Making Sail in the Morning
    Oil on canvas
    85 x 60 cms

  • Maldon Regatta Day
    Oil on canvas
    80 x 40 cms

  • Before the Match, Pin Mill
    130 x 100 cms