John Scott Martin

Towards Harbour

‘For a ship with her sails furled on her squared yards and reflected from truck to water-line in a smooth gleaming sheet of landlocked harbour, seems, indeed, to a seaman’s eye the most perfect picture of slumbering repose’.

The Mirror of the Sea Joseph Conrad.

Most of the ships in this page are not at sea. Or if they are moving it is very slowly. Entering harbour, going to moorings, moored or brought up to anchor. Showing the constant movement of the sea poses many problems. There are however different demands relating to calm waters including of course reflections.

If you would like to know at which which gallery a picture can be seen - please contact me.

Measurements shown are in centimetres and represent the total picture area including frame.

  • Tobermory Sunset
    55 x 40 cms

  • Setting Sail by Moonlight
    Acrylic on Canvas
    82 x 72 cms

  • Evening Sunshine, Newlyn
    53 x 53 cms

  • First Snow Maldon
    40 x 40 cms

  • Visitors from St Ives and Whitby
    Acrylic on Board
    120 x 90 cms

  • Into Paimpol
    44 x 40 cms

  • Making Sail in the Morning
    Oil on canvas
    85 x 60 cms

  • Maldon Regatta Day
    Oil on canvas
    80 x 40 cms

  • Before the Match, Pin Mill
    130 x 100 cms

  • At Moorings, Cowes 2001
    Mixed Media
    65 x 65 cms

  • Before nightfall
    Oil on Canvas
    70 x 42 cms

  • Theres a cargo for Grayhound
    30 x 30 cms

  • HMS Trent in the Sound of Sleat
    Oil on Canvas
    70 x 40 cms

  • SS Thistleglen, outward-bound
    July 1941
    Oil on Canvas
    50 x 21 cms