John Scott Martin


John was both overawed and inspired by the America’s Cup Jubilee in August 2001. Seeing the ‘Round the Island’ race from the deck of ‘Provident’ a Brixham Trawler.

"This event is now widely regarded as the greatest gathering of classic yachts since the 1930’s Subsequently I have seen, photographed, drawn and painted many of those yachts off the shores of England and also in the Mediterranean. I always feel very excited by what are regarded as among the most beautiful boats in the World."

If you would like to know at which which gallery a picture can be seen - please contact me.

Measurements shown are in centimetres and represent the total picture area including frame.

  • ‘J’ Class at Lymington

    'J’ Class at Lymington Bank
    56 x 56 cms

  • Mariquita, West Solent

    Mariquita in the West Solent
    Acrylic on Board
    90 x 90 cms

  • Shamrock V

    Shamrock V in the Med
    56 x 43 cms

  • First to the Mark

    First to the Mark
    Acrylic on Canvas
    53 x 53 cms

  • J Class Yachts

    J Class Yachts at the Americas Cup Jubilee
    82 x 102 cms

  • Elena, Regattes Royales Cannes

    Elena, Regates Royales Cannes
    40 x 40 cms

  • Past the finish

    Past the finish
    40 x 40 cms

  • Autumn Afternoon St. Tropez

    Autumn Afternoon St. Tropez
    40 x 40 cms

  • Sailing Past Shieldhall

    Sailing Past Shieldhall
    40 x 40 cms

  • Regales Royales, Cannes

    Regales Royales, Cannes
    80 x 40 cms

  • Homeward Bound

    Homeward Bound
    40 x 40 cms

  • Across the Channel at Dusk

    Across the Channel at Dusk
    Oil on Canvas
    70 x 54 cms

  • Sam...Staysail next please!

    Sam...Staysail next please!
    Oil on board
    75 x 58 cms

  • Mariette and Mariquita

    Mariette & Mariquita
    Watercolour and Gouache
    45 x 25 cms

  • Fair wind - Close company

    Fair wind - Close company
    Mixed Media
    85 x 55 cms

  • Fair wind - close finish

    Fair wind - close finish
    Oil on board
    80 x 65 cms

  • Sail with wind and tide

    Sail with wind and tide
    Gouache and pastel
    47 x 76 cms

  • Turning at the red_buoy

    Turning at the red_buoy
    60 x 80 cms

  • Wind off the port quarter

    Wind off the port quarter
    Oil on Canvas
    60 x 60 cms

  • Turning into the wind

    Turning into the wind
    Oil on Canvas
    60 x 60 cms

  • Racing Hard

    Racing Hard
    Oil on Canvas
    73 x 65 cms

  • Sundowners

    Oil on Canvas
    48 x 58 cms

  • Nooonday Calm-slack water

    Nooonday Calm-slack water
    Gouache & watercolour
    32 x 14 cms

  • Passing the Committee Boat

    Passing the Committee Boat
    Oil on Canvas
    42 x 14 cms

  • Sunlit Sails

    Sunlit Sails
    Gouache & watercolour
    24 x 20 cms

  • Afternoon sunshine in the Rade de Cannes

    Afternoon sunshine in the Rade de Cannes
    Oil on Canvas
    50 x 60 cms

  • Barge match morning

    Barge match morning
    Oil on Canvas
    104 x 44 cms

  • Passage race

    Passage race
    Oil on Canvas
    68 x 68 cms

  • Waiting_for_the_start

    Waiting for the start
    Oil on Canvas
    38 x 26 cms

  • Try_and_catch_the_wind

    Try and catch the wind
    Oil on Canvas
    21 x 21 cms

  • Medway_Match_Morning

    Medway Match Morning
    Oil on Canvas
    21 x 21 cms